•• ††† pop-goth Duo // conceptual bandproject †††••

ig: @lovely_heroin


bandcamp: lovelyheroin.bandcamp.com blackverbrecords.bandcamp.com 

Lovely Heroin is a conceptual bandproject by media artist Sophie C. Polheim (guitar, keys, voice, videos, artwork) and musician Henrik Rohde (guitar, keys, voice, beats, mixing) from Leipzig, Germany. Since 2017 they released two records on berlin-based Label BlackVerb Records and played many shows in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. They shared the stage with artists like Light Asylum (US), Bleib Modern (GER), Levin goes Lightly (GER) , Man Machine (HR), Ziguri (GER). 2020 they will release their third album my mind is your mind on Blackverb Records (Berlin) and Atoria Records (Leipzig).
Lovely Heroin understands itself as an interdisciplinary Project in between Performance-Art, Installation, Concert and Fashion (The Animals Are Guilty). Their Live Shows are accompanied by Videoinstallation or Live-Performers. The medium text plays a large role in the conception of Lovely Heroin. Musically Lovely Heroin moves in dark spheres between Experimental-Pop and Dark Goth.